Greatest Achievement Speech

For our homework we had to prepare a speech. We had to do it on a greatest achievement that we have done it could be when we were 3 or 9 years or it could of been resent achievement. our achievement speech could of been on sport,music,drawing and much more. I did my greatest achievement on soccer how I got my first ever hatch trick. I choose this achievement because I never thought I could do this at a young age. I thought I did well some of the feed back I got was I had good I contact and spoke clearly and a other one was a bite more eye contact.

What did you do your greatest achievement on?

How To Do a Quality Post

1. Have a reason for your post.

2. Have a interesting title for your post.

3. Have interesting information about your post.

4. Have three or more sentences for your information about the post.

5. Have a question for your post.

6. Check it and post it.

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