How to Train a Dragon

This is were I will keep you update it.

Session 1

Today we did our first lit circles session. I’m reading how to train your dragon. The session went really well.

Session 2

Today we did our second session on lit circles. Our hole group did well we are all up to the same page. So far this has been telling us a bout the characters and dragons.

Session 3

Today we did our third session of lit circles. Our hole group are update. This book as been really interesting and exciting hiccup as got his dragon and training it.

Session 4

Today we did session fourth session. This as been really good I was word wizard this as been extremely interesting cause it was Thursday that’s when dragons fight.

Session 5

Today we did session 5. This session went well cause all our group did everything. Ch 11 12 13

Session 6

This session was our second last session for this book this session went well

Session 7


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