This is a place where I will write weekly reflections

This week our challenge we had to come up with a way to help the environment. Our group was Liam Caity Lauren and myself. We had three solutions our first one was everyone had to get a leaf and write one way to help the environment. And we will pick one and use it. Our second one was compost bins we will get people to donate ice-cream containers. We will put one in each classroom. And we will get three 400L compost bins. Our third solution was pot plant we will get some people to donate pot plants. There. Would be one each classroom. The one we picked was compost bin we chose this one because we thought it was the best way to help the environment. What our group and I to achieve is to pull this of because I think this is a great idea

What idea did you think of?

Week two Reflection

This week our group did really well. Our group came up with better ideas and more ideas for our project. We got it approved by Miss May so we started our project. We Wrote down all the emails for our project Lauren and Caity started our speech for assembly and classroom. Liam and I stated doing our poster to put around the school. We worked out how many ice-cream contains we need for the school. My group and I were pround of how we could get this approved. I’m really happy to get this started I will keep you updated how we are going.

Have you got your idea approved by your teacher?

Week Three Reflection

Today our group did really well. We came up with more ideas. We started doing our speeches,posters and Emails. We got our news letter speech and grade speech and we have emailed the council and Mite 10. We have down our poster to go with our speech.

Week 4 reflection

Today we did your fourth session of CBL. This session was special because we got our compost bin yaaaaaaay. But we had to find if coil goes on top of Tambark so we looked up what can goe and what can’t.

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