Yesterday 5V and 5M went to VSSEC. We got there and the first activity we did was the booklet. It was about static electricity. Wish it eg shock on a slide, how clothes cling in the dryer and pulling on jumper make your hair stand up. And then the second activity was building a light bolb and making a dancing robot. The light bolb activity was when we had t build a light bolb with a light, cable and battery. And to build the robot we needed paper clips, motor, cd,. And after lunch we put on our space suits on and went to Mars I was talking to mission control I did the DNA test. And 10 min later we went to earth as mission control I was the robot engineer so asked questions to the robot engineers on Mars. And then they had evacuated cause of a virus PS It was a fake one. Then we went back to school. It was really fun.