Yesterday 5V and 5M went to VSSEC. We got there and the first activity we did was the booklet. It was about static electricity. Wish it eg shock on a slide, how clothes cling in the dryer and pulling on jumper make your hair stand up. And then the second activity was building a light bolb and making a dancing robot. The light bolb activity was when we had t build a light bolb with a light, cable and battery. And to build the robot we needed paper clips, motor, cd,. And after lunch we put on our space suits on and went to Mars I was talking to mission control I did the DNA test. And 10 min later we went to earth as mission control I was the robot engineer so asked questions to the robot engineers on Mars. And then they had evacuated cause of a virus PS It was a fake one. Then we went back to school. It was really fun.

Leadership talk police man Shawn

Today Shawn talk to us about leadership. These were his three examples.

1. The first one he talk about was challenge yourself. This is a good because if your shy and you don’t like to talk Infrount of everyone. Challenge yourself by talking on the news or Infrount of everyone.

2. The second example Shawn was working with police officers and being a role model. Taking charge of thing when they get out of hand. Being a role model to others.

3. The third thing Shawn talk about was lead by example. So if you tell someone to stop and walk you don’t run away you walk away.

Leadership talk

Today Mrs Montgomery talk to all the grade fives about leadership. These are the seven things she that she talk about.

Honesty can help you become a leader because you have to be honest with yourself.

Listening can help you become leader by listening you can get great idea and to show people that you care about what they think.

Trusting your friends, by trusting your friends you can get ideas from them.

Stay strong by staying strong you can get though everything.

Sense of humour by having a sense of humour you make people laugh and shows them your not that bossy.

Team work is very important because you can get though any challenge if you work together.

Focusing on what is important by focusing on what important you can get it done.

Lunar System

Today in science we learnt about the Lunar system the Lunar system includes Earth, moon,Sun. We also learnt about a Greek science Eratosthenes who was the first person to think that the Earth was speare.

Italian Week

This week we had something really special on. We had Italian Week Italian Week was really fun it goes for a hole week. On Monday we came to school we did some Italian week activities one was sport we played boccie that’s like lawn balls but in Italy.On Tuesday We had a dress up parade our hole school dress up as something to do with Italy we walk around the jym grade by grade. On Wednesday was the same and on Thursday was pizza and galtieri

Leadership Day

Today grade five went to Montmorecy Secondary College for leadership day. On the day I learnt about a lot of things one of things I learnt was leadership skills and when to use them. We had to work as a team to do the task these are the leadership skills we had to use Caring Courtesy Co-operation Contribution Consideration Teamwork initive.

The team I was was Purple group what team were you in?

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